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Estimating the final cost of services can be tricky, this is because there are multiple variables that can influence the final price of a build. The complexity of the website will also have a direct impact on how much it will cost to develop it. To get an accurate estimate, we have to first clearly define your business objectives, the website type, its features, and required functions.

For example, a personal blog will be far cheaper to develop than an online store. A personal blog can be set up in a day or two while an e-commerce solution will require much more time in order to plan and build the site carefully over an extended period of time.

What makes us Different?

In order to better assist you with your site, we pride ourself in having the willingness to push client boundaries to return a project to you that exceeds your expectations. Rather than separate teams pitch the sale and doing the development, we take the time to get to understand the client and their needs so we can show that understanding in the end product; no ones knows your business better than you. We may be pushy with a sustained focus on the clients customers to ensure that what the customers need and want are implemented into the design, even if this contradicts the client’s initial wishes. We are here to increase conversion rates from site visitors into paying customers, and we will advise changes be made when they are beneficial.

Packages Available

Brochure Site

Starting at $500

Medium Site/eCommerce

Starting at $2,000

Trusted by Businesses all over Canada

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A walkthrough of our Process

Step 1

Project Discussion & Proposal

After discussing the project at hand, we will list all requirements and technologies required by your site. This ensures that the scope-of-work is understood and set prior to an agreement between us. When we understand all of your expectations and have listed all of the proposed deliverables, we will provide a detailed proposal and estimate for your project based on the size of the finished site.

Step 2

Media and Branding

Prior to starting the design and development stages of your project, we will ensure that all media and branding materials for your business are collected. These materials include but are not limited to the following; Photographs, Articles, Blog posts, Style Guides, Products, Descriptions and more. This will guarantee our design for your new website matches the unique brand of your business. In the case that materials such as copywrite and imaging aren’t available, they will be made available to you at an additional cost.

Step 3

Design & Development Begins

You’ve done your work, now it’s our turn! We will configure our servers to get a temporary website up and running for the duration of the development, as well as making sure your business domain is ready to go (Don’t worry, once we’re complete we will migrate the website to your domain!). We spend some time designing mockups for your website, and turn those mockups into code when we are happy with the designs. During this time, we will inspect all client given media and will make recommendations if necessary. 

Step 4

Client Presentation

Once we are completed our initial development on your new website, we will present it to you in order to obtain some quality assurance notes and make changes if needed. Chances are, we won’t have everything perfect on the first go. This step gives us an opportunity to know what you would like changed or added to ensure you are happy with the end project.

Step 5

Sign-off and Website Launch

Congratulations! Now, your website is complete and ready for the world. Once you have signed off on project completion, the website will be launched and we will have a one-on-one meeting to discuss the back end of your website, so you can get some understanding of how it works, and what you can do yourself. Dragon Development will provide a monthly plan for full technical support, hosting, maintenance, backup and security services for your brand new website. This means you will be completely hands-off and we will look after your new website for you. All for a monthly price lower than an average phone bill.