brochure site

Getting your Business online doesn't have to be expensive.

Having a website that advertises what your business has to offer can help tremendously in boosting sales, client leads, bookings, etc. It’s a great asset for any business to have, and it makes it even easier when you’re getting that asset for $500*. Less cost means higher profit margins!

Simply put, a brochure website is a digital version of a printed brochure. They show the products or services your company provides; however, they differ from e-commerce websites as they do not sell the product or service online. With a brochure website, the goods and services are only displayed, so customers reach out to the company to place an order or book the service.

It can't cost only $500... Can it?

To put it simply… Yes!

You will pay $500 for our design and development time. After the website is created, there will be a $60 recurring fee invoiced monthly to handle all maintenance, daily backups, hosting, and security audits to ensure your website stays up 100% of the time and safe from malicious action.

This means you will have a website custom managed for your business for a monthly fee equal to less than the average cell phone bill.

Are you ready to increase sales and attract more clients?

Contact us directly at, or fill out the form to get your $500 Brochure Site today. We will respond within 24 hours.

We look forward to seeing your business grow with Dragon Development.