Basic Website Subscription

What are the benefits of a Basic website?

Having a website that advertises what your business has to offer can help tremendously in boosting sales, client leads, bookings, etc. It’s a great asset for any business to have, and it makes it even easier when you’re getting that asset for $0 upfront. Less cost means higher profit margins!

Our basic website package does not include ecommerce or automatic scheduling functionality, but will act as a great tool to advertise your services and allow potential clients to communicate with you via a contact form and/or other shared contact details.

It can't really cost $0...
does it?

Yes! You will pay $0 for our design and development time. After the website is created, there will be a $99 recurring fee invoiced monthly to handle all maintenance, daily backups, hosting, and security audits to ensure your website stays up 100% of the time and safe from malicious action.

This means you will have a website custom created and managed for your business for a monthly fee equal to a cell phone bill.

Are you ready to increase sales and attract more clients?

Contact us directly at, or fill out the form to get your $0 basic website today. We will respond within 24 hours.

We look forward to seeing your business grow with Dragon Development.